contempt ofvanity world

The Imitation of Christ. 

This little book hasformed forcenturies anprecise steps offor referencetheChristian spirituality, so thatit can be considered "the most widely read book after the gospel, meditating in the monasteries, in bedlifereligious and priestly, given asmanual ofChristian formationstrongforso many generations oflay, of Christians inthe world. "The Imitation of Christ, whose author remainsnot known, although it maybe placed ina monastic around the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, is anand simpleconcrete track oflife, asceticism. Thespiritual tension thatthe soul, he says, antext key ina drawpathtosearchof God, the abandonment of the '"old man" Joinedbuild the' 'new man' Joinedroot inside aprofound personal spirituality.

Index ofchapters.
Chapter I - The Imitation of Christ andcontempt ofvanity of allthe world
Chapter II - The humble consciousnessofself
Chapter III - The instruction of Truth
Chapter IV -deliberatenessacting
Chapter V -readingofBooks ofdevotion
Chapter VI - The unruly movements of the soul
Chapter VII - Beware of vain hopes andescapepride
Chapter VIII - Avoid excessivefamiliarity
Chapter IX - Obedienceandsubmission
Chapter X - Refrain from useless talk
Chapter XI - The Conquestofinner peace and the love ofspiritual progress
Chapter XII - Benefits of adversity
Chapter XIII - Resisting temptation
Chapter XIV - Avoid rash judgments
Chapter XV - The works made ​​forlove
Chapter XVI - Endure the faults of others
Chapter XVII -life in the monasteries
Chapter XVIII - The examples ofgreat fathers
Chapter XIX - asyou have to train him thatit isgiven to God
Chapter XX - Love ofloneliness andofsilence
Chapter XXI - Thecompunction ofheart
Chapter XXII - The Meditation ofpovertyhuman
Chapter XXIII - The Meditation ofdeath
Chapter XXIV - The divine judgment andtheof punishmentsinners
Chapter XXV - Correct fervently alltheourlife

Chapter I (Contents Chapters)
 1. "Whoever follows me will notwalkingin darkness" (John 8:12), says the Lord. These are the words of Christ, which urge us to imitateherlifeandthehisbehavior, if we want to be truly enlightened anddelivered byevery inner blindness. Therefore, theourMaximumconcern istheofto meditate onlife of Jesus Christ. Even the teaching of Christ isexcellent, andexceedone ofall saints; and Who was strong in spirit would find amanna hidden. Butit happens thata lotpeople draw anvery little of desirethe Gospel from having listened to more than once, because it isnoofthe sense of Christ. Instead, those who want to fully understand andenjoy the words of Christ must doso thatallthehislife is models of Christ. thatyou need to know how to discuss deeply ofTrinity, ifnotyou are humble, andtherefore toTrinity you are worrying? Indeed, notare the deep dissertations thatare holy andright man; butisalife, virtuous thatmakes it dear to God. I'd rather feelheartrepentance thatknowing how todefine. Without the love for God andwithout:his grace, and to thatyou would benefit from aknowledgeexterior ofalltheBibleandthe doctrines ofall philosophers? "Vanity of vanities, all isvanity" (1.2), except to love God andserve him only. Thisisatopwisdom tend to heavenly realms, despising this world.

 2. Vanity isthen search for riches, destined to end, andput in placethese our hopes. Vanity iswell aspire to the honors andmounthighcondition. Vanity isfollow and carnal desiresto aspire to things, forwhich is to bethen be severely punished. Vanity isaspire to live to long, andgive little thought ofliving well. Vanity istake care only oflifeand thisnotlook right nowthe future. Is vanity to love what thatpasswithallspeed andnothurry up there, where it lastseternal joy. Remember often ofthe proverb, "is not satisfiedthe eye oflook, nor the ear isfull ofhearing" (Ecclesiastes 1.8). It ', then, thatyour heart isdistracted by the love of visible thingsand on earththatyou areled towards the things ofabove, thatnotwe see. Because those who goback to its senses spottheownconsciousnessandlosegrace of God.

Chapter II (Chapters Index) humble awarenessofSE '
 1. Man, forhernature, longingto know; butthatmatterknowledge ifnotit hasthe fear of God? Certainly anhumble farmer thatserve the Lord is more valuable ofanscholar who, mountedprideandforgetful ofwhat thathe isreally, go tostudying the movements ofheaven. One thatyou know to feel the bottom ofworth very littleifand the samenotlookthe approval of men. Before God, who will judge me formy actions, thatI would benefit ifI also possessed it allthescienceofthe world, butnotI love? Give yourself peace ofalusttooofto knowinin fact, it notyou will find thatgreat diversion and deception. Those thatthey know want to appear and to be called wise. Butthere are a lot of things,which knowledgeit is goodvery little, or notit should benot at all, soul. And it isanything thatthe wise one thatwaiting to different thingsthose thatare used tohisSalvation. The many speeches notsatisfy the soul; instead of onelifegoodcoolthemind andaconsciousnesspureit gives great confidence in God. The larger anddeepisayourscience, the more you will be judged severely, just starting fromit; to less than thateven greater notiswasthe sanctity ofyourlife.

 2. notwant you to inflate, then, foranyart or science, thatyou may possess, butrather hast fear ofknow thatyou isgiven. Even ifyou think ofto know many things; even ifyou are goodintelligence, remember thatare a lot of more things thatnotyou know. notyou want to look deeper (Rom 11,20; 12,16); manifests itselfratheryour ignorance. Why do you want to carry forward to other, as ifthere are plenty of more productstea, and more experienced in the sacred texts? ifyou want to learn andknow something, inso spiritually helpful, searchofbeing ignored andofto be considered annothing. And 'This is the teaching deeper and more useful, and really get to knowdespise. notkeep ifsame as inno account andalways have goodandhighconsideration of others; inthis isgreat wisdomandperfection. Even ifyou saw anmore clearly fall into shame, or do anything of major, neverthelessnotyou should believe the best ofhe; Indeed notyou know for how long you canpersist ingood. We are all fragile; but thou notyou have to believe no more fragile ofyou.

Chapter III (Chapters Index) of The TAUGHTTRUTH '
1. Happy is he thatis taught directly from the Truth, as well asit is, andnotforhalf ofpictures or ofhuman words; because theourintelligenceandtheoursensitivity often deceive us, andare ofshorta view. toWho benefitswideandthin thread arounddark things andhidden to man; for thingsthat, even ifwe have ignored the, not, we will be held accountable, inthe final judgment? Our greatstupidityforgetting what thatthere isuseful, even necessary, we devote ourselves to things thatattractourcuriosity andmay causeofourdamnation. "We have eyes andnotsee" (Jeremiah 5:21). thatwe careofissueofand genresthe species? One thatlisten:wordeternal releasesfrom our many discussions. From theoneworddescend all things and that all things proclaim thatoneword; itis"the principle" thatcontinuing to speak to men (Jn 8,25). No one understands, no one believeswithout properlythata word. Only those who feel things asathing only, andthe doorand towards unitythe unity sees all, and can have peace of mindto live in God inpeace. O God, thou thatare the Truth itself, is' thatI amathing alonewithyou, atnLove without End. Often I get tired ofread a lot of things, or oflistento thatand I wantI want is all inyou. Silent all the masters, silenced all creatures beforeyouyou just tell me.

2. The more you will be done internally balance and simple, the more easily will understand many things, anddifficult, because he will receive from Daylights. A pure spirit, and balancenot simpleyou also lose ifendeavorinmany matters, because everything he says, to honor of God, of strivingto abstain fromEvery searchofself. thatwhatbinds youandyou hurtof more ofyour desire notmortified? The man and rectumdevoted to preparefirst, internally, the external works thatto accomplish. So notthis will encourage him to want to hurt faces; buthe will instead thatbend to his worksselection made​​Fromlinereason. No one arguesstruggle harderofthe one thatlookofwin ifhimself. This is precisely what should be our commitmentto win ourselves, let us each day in excess ofourselves andan advancein shortgood.

 3. inthislifeall our opera, forhow good iscommingledto some imperfection; all our reasoning forhow deep, presentssome darkness. Thereforeestablishment ofyourbasenessis awaythatleads to God most certainly thatalearnedresearchphilosophical. notalready thatisafaultthe study, andeven lessthesimple knowledgeof things -which is inifthe same, anwell and isdeliberateby God - ; butisalways somethinga bestgoodknowledgeofself andalife of virtue. In fact, many often go out ofgoodstreetandnotgive any fruit or little fruit, of, well, just because they care more oftheir sciencethatofthe holiness oftheir lives. thatifthepeople put so mucheradicating the vices and attentionincultivating the virtues, how muchit connectsLift subtle philosophical questions notthere are so many evils andso many scandals ofthepeople; andin cohabiting notthere would be so muchdissipation. Joinedof course, when it came on the day ofjudgment, notyou will be prompted thatwhatwe studied, butrather thatthing we did; or we will be asked ifwe have been able to speak well, butrather ifwe have been able to live piously. Tell me where they are nowall those capiscuolaandthose masters, to well-known while you were in the life, thatshining fortheir studies? The bright their positions are nowgiven byother; andnotissaying thatthey do not even remember ofthem. When they were alive they seemed to be anmuch; but nowofthem notit isa word. Oh, how quickly passesthegloryofthis world! andwantthe sky thatthetheir life iswasheightoftheir knowledge; inthis case notthey studied andtaught in vain. How many men are concerned about very little ofto serve God, andare lostbecauseofanin vain sought to knowthe world. They choose foritselfstreetofsize, rather ofthehumility; therefore disperses thetheir mind (Rom 1:21). Great is, in Truth, the one thathasbig love; one thatit is considered small andnotholdsany account also the highest honors. Prudente is, in Truth, the one thatconsiderdung every thing on earth, in order ofgain Christ (Phil 3,8). Dotto, inright of wayword is, in Truth, the one thatisathe will of God, throwing innthe songhiswill.

Chapter IV (Contents Chapters) Thedeliberatenessacting

We must believeall thatwe hear; notwe must trust to our every impulse. On the contrary, every thing must be evaluatedtolikeofthe will of God, withfocus andwithgreatness of soul. Unfortunately, we often think of others andspeak more easily hurt thatgoodthat istheourmisery. Those thatthey want to be perfect notthe last foolishly believe thattalk, because they know the weaknesshuman capacitytomaliceandtoo easy to rattle. Great wisdom, notto jump the gun in action and, on the otherhand, notremain stubbornly to our first impressions. Great wisdom, therefore, notgo back to any discussion ofpeople andnotspread of the ear immediatelyothers what we have heard andbelieved. You have to choose ofbe guided by, one of the bestyou, rather thatgo back to your fantasies; beforeofact, you must advise with any personwiseandoflineconsciousness. As isthelife virtuous thatmakes a man a man of wisewisdom of God, andgood judgemany problems. The more humble and will be needlesslysubject to God, the more it will be wise, andcalm ineverything.

Chapter V (Contents Chapters) TherEaDInGofof booksDEVOTION

In the books ofdevotion you have to search for the Truth, notthebeautyofthe form. They must be read in the spirit withthey were written; inthey should berefinedthe spiritual benefit, rather than thatthe elegance ofword. Therefore, we must also read simple works, butdevout, withwith the same desirewe read scholarly works anddeep. notlet hit by the name ofwriter, ofless than or greater resonance; that thatit should lead toreading must be the pure love of Truth. nottrying ofknowing who hasone saidwhat, butbayto what thatBeen issaid. Indeed, the men go, "instead of the Truth of Lord remainsforforever" (Ps 116,2); and that God speaks to usinnumber of different ways, "nottake into account the people" (1 Peter 1:17). Often when we read the scriptures, there isofthe obstacleourlustofto investigate, because we want to deepen anddiscuss where notthere would be thatfromto move forward in simplicity ofspirit. ifyou want to take advantage of, read witha humble and simple, withfaith. andnotsuck up tofameofthe scholar. Lovesquery andlistenthe silencewordofthe saints. andnotbe indifferent to the words ofupperthey notthey are pronounced withoutreason.

Chapter VI (Contents Chapters) unruly THE MOTIONS OF THE SOUL

Each timeyou wantathingagainst the will of God, immediately becomesuneasy inside. The superb andthe miser notthey never rest; instead the poor andthe humble ofheart of enjoyfullness ofpeace. One thatnotisperfectly deadifeasily fall into the sametemptation and iswon Things to nothinganddespicable. The one thatisweak in spirit and insomehow, again aimed atMeat andto the senses, it is difficult to divert ofeverything from earthly desires; and, even when unable to escapethese desires, he gets sad. thatifthen someone puts obstacle, easily indignant; if, finally, was that thatlongs for, he immediately feelsconsciousnessthe weight ofguilt, because haspanderedherpassion,what notit should beatpeace thatwas looking for. Since therealof peacethe heartis itresisting passions, notsuccumbing to them. notalreadyof the heartthe one thatisattached to the meat, notalready in man's face is the externalsthepeace; butinthe heart ofthe one thatisfull ofspiritual fervor.

Chapter VII (Contents Chapters) LOOK THE VANE and HOPESThe ESCAPEPRIDE

Who puts hisherconfidence in men andin other creatures isansenseless. notyou will be sorryofstar undergoes others, forlove of Jesus Christ, andofsound like anpoor, inthis world. notlean on your own strength, butstrongtheyourhope in GodifYou will do all that isinyou, God will adhere to your good will. nottrustknowing your orcapacity ofanman whatever, but Rather ingrace of God, thatthe humble and sayslandsthe cocky. notto boast of wealth, ifyou have, andeven of powerful friends; Your pride isin God, thatgives everything, and loves to lay down ifsame aboveeverything. notgonfiarti fortheprowessandthebeautyofyour body; toMinimum diseaseand they failthey spoil. notplease you ofyourself, to causeofyourskills andofyourintelligence, that you may notdisliketo God, to whom belongs all thatofgood you were found bynature. notbelieve best ofother, so that, foradventure, you notbeconsidered worse before God, thatwell knows that thatthere is in every man (cfr. Jn 2:25). notexalted foryour good works, because the judgment of men isotherthat of God, which is often notthat like thatlike men. Even ifyou somethingofgood, thinks thatothers haveofbetter, so that you keephumility. Nothingofif badyou get to ofunder of all others; is very badinstead ifyou put yourself at ofaboveofaonly a person. Humble ispeace unfailing; inthe heart ofare superb, however, continueslustandrestlessness.

Chapter VIII (Contents Chapters) Avoid excessiveFamilial '

"Do not open your heart to the first thatit happens" (Sirach 8:22); your problems, treat them with the other handwho haswisdomandfear of God. Searchofbeing rarely withpeople and destituteunknown; notput withthe rich forflatter them; notyou see happy withthe big ones. You are, however, close to the people and humblesimple, pious andofmorals; andwiththem isof Things thatbenefit theyoursanctification. notbe familiar withnowoman, butRecommendationto God all women deserve. Search forofto be all together only to God andhis angels, without any curiosity about men. While you must have love forall thenot familiarisnot at all necessary. It happenssometimesthatapersonthatnotknow shines forfameexcellent; andthatthen, when itthere isbefore, give usboredom, only to see her. On the otherhand, sometimesof hopeplease, someone, standing withhim, and Instead let's start theninnotplease Him, for he seesus of anythingreprehensible.

Chapter IX (Contents Chapters) obedienceandSUBMISSION

 1. Being submissive, live subject toantop andnotdispose ofhimself iswhatbig andvalid. And 'much saferthecondition ofsubjection, thattheofcommand. There are many thatthey are submissive for strength, more thatJoinedlovetodraw this suffering, andif easilythey complain; them notcome to freedom ofspirit, ifthetheir submission notit is of the deepand the heartnothasroot in God. Run of wellhereandofthere; notyou will find peace thathumble submission underguideofnsuperior. Going dreaming different places, andswitch between them, is BeenJoinedmany andeception.

2. Of course, everyone prefers to act to his talent, and it ismost of those who took to him right. But, if God isinside ofus, but sometimes we have togive up our desires forlove ofpeace. There is person so wise thatwouldfully know everything? So notyou have to have too muchconfidence in your thoughts; you must listen gladly to the opinion of others. Even iftheyouridea wasright, butthedropouts forlove of God, following oneofothers, bythis you will derive much profit. To listen and accept anadvice - as often I've heard - iswhat more certainthatgive advice. It may also happen thatthe idea ofone isgood; butisalways a sign ofprideandofobstinacynotwilling to surrender to the other, when thereasoneither the obviousthis is required.


 1. Joinedas much as possible, stay away from bustling thatisthepeople. Even ifyou are expected withpurityofintention, to deal with the affairs ofthe world isanbig obstacle, because soon you will be contaminated by vanity, andenslaved. More ofaonceI would like to be kept quiet, andnotbe gonethe middle of thepeople.

 2. But why go and talkingtalking so willingly withother, even ifthen israrely, when we get to keep quiet, notwe have some failureconscience? We talk so willingly, because withthis talk, we ofconsole to each other, and we hope oflift our souls oppressed by various thoughts. We also very dearand talkdreaming of the things thatmuch love andthatdesire, or ofthat thatit seemsoppose us. But often, unfortunately, all of this iscompartment anduseless; as asimilar outward consolation goesmuch to the detriment oftheinterior anddivine.

 3. notwe spend our timeidleness, butinvigils andinprayers; and, ifwe can or should speak, saying things edify. In fact, while the bad habit andtheneglectofour spiritual progress leads us easily to keep unattendedtheourlanguage, it should bemuch to our profit inner onedevout conversion of around thingsspirit; more so when you join, inname of God, to people animated byequal spirituality.

Chapter XI (Chapters Index) The ConquestofInner Peace andLOVE ofSPIRITUAL PROGRESS

 1. ifnotwe wanted to meddle ofto thatof or sayone thatothers do, andof Things thatnotaffect us, we havegreat inner peace. How, in fact, iscan thatone maintains aalong the tranquil mood ifmeddles in the affairs of others, ifit goesto look outside of his reasonsinterest, if rarely andsuperficial collects inifthe same? Blessed are simple, since they will have great peace. Why some Saints were so perfect andfull ofcontemplative spirit? Why strove ofturn off completelyevery earthly desire itself, so - and releaseddetached fromifthemselves - could be totally united with God, withall my heart. We, however, are too absorbed in our wildest desires, andtoo concerned about the things ofbeneath; ofoften we can to win anour fault, even one, andnotwe are ardent intending to our continuous improvement. andand so we remain inertlukewarm. ifwe were, however, completely dead to ourselves andwe have aperfect interior simplicity, we may even have knowledge ofthe things of God, andexperience into some extent, ofheavenly contemplation. The real and more big obstacle consists ofthis, thatnotwe are free from the passions andfrom the wall, andthatnotwe endeavor ofenterViaofperfection, thatwasvia ofsaints, indeed, soonwe meet adifficult, even oftrivial, we leave too early and break downwe turn to earthly consolations.

 2. ifwe made ofeverything fromstrong men, fornotgive upbattle, soon we will see come to us from heaven help of the Lord. Which readily supports those thatare confident in the fighthisgrace; rather, it gives usdeals offightbecause we come out victorious. thatifwe consist only in spiritual progresssome external practices, rather theourreligion is dead. Way, we putthe darkthe root, so that, freed from the passions, we reach thepeace ofspirit. ifthere strappassimo wayanonly one vice each year would become perfect soon. But often we see ofcontrary; that is, we find thatwhen we addressedtheourlife in God were more good and more pure of now, after many years oflifereligion. The fervor andspiritual advancement is expected to grow ofdayday; on the other hand seems to havegreat thingif, one is able to keep aliveaParticleofinitial fervor.

 3. ifwe made anlittle ofviolence to ourselves at first, then we can do all thingsand easilyjoyfully. Sure ishard to leave this to you isare used; is even more difficultto walkcontrary to his desire. Butifnotyou can to win and in the little thingsfromlittle, asyou will overcome the most serious? Hang from the outsetyour incline; posted by habit, for thisnottake you, to little to little,asituation more difficult. ifyou to understand how muchpeace you give to yourself andhow muchjoyprocureresti to others, anda livinglife dedicatedthe good, I am sure thatyou would be more considerate intend to your spiritual benefit.

Chapter XII (Contents Chapters) ADVANTAGES OF ADVERSITY '

 1. 'good forus thatsometimes encounterdifficulty andopposition; these, in fact, refer to the manifthe same indeep, up to thatunderstandthathe is here on earthinexile andthattheherhopenotbeanswerinnowhatofthis world. It 'good thatsometimessuffering and contradictionthatthepeople will judge him andunfairly, even if statements and our actionsour intentions are good. All this wont encourage humility, andpreserves usfromvanity. Indeed, just as thepeople around to us and offends usdiscredits us, we yearn withgreater force at the inner witness, God.

 2. We should put ourselves so firmly in God, fromnothave no needofmany go looking for human comforts. When anof mangoodand will suffer tribulationstemptation, or isafflictedevil thoughts, thenhe heard ofto have greater need of God, andofnotto do nothingofgood noofhe. andis sadandand cryingPlease, forthe evil thatsuffering; the will to boredomthatthelife continues; andhopethatwill overtakethedeath (2 Cor 1.8), thusto disappear andabiding in Christ (Philippians 1:23). Thenhe understands thatinworld notthere can be completepeace andfullpeace.

Chapter XIII (Contents Chapters) RESIST THE TEMPTATION

 1. As long as we are in the world, notwe can be withoutand tribulationstemptations; fact isposted inbook ofJob thatthelife of man on earth(7.1 GB) isit allatemptation. Everyone should, therefore, be wary of the temptations andwatch forprayer (1 Peter 4.7), so that the devil notfind the point where it isexercise his deception; the devil, thatnever notpose, butgoaround seeking whom he maydevour (1 Peter 5.8). Nobody isadvanced inperfection andso holy bynotyou sometimesthe temptations. Go free ofeverythingthey notwe can. However, forhow troublesome andsevere, the temptations are often very useful; because, to causethe temptations, the man is humbled, purified andeducated. The Saints passed for allmany tribulations andtemptations, andprogressed; instead those thatnotyou were able to withstand the temptations and pervertedbetrayed. notthere isso perfect institution, or anwell hidden place, where notthere are temptations andadversity. Man notisnever ofall free fromtemptation, since thatlive. This is forwe are tempted isinside ofus, because we were born inlust. ifa Voidtemptation or tribulation, anotherit comes and there's always somethingfromto endure, because we have lost the benefit ofourhappiness. Many, ofthe face of the temptations of tryingto escape, but they fall thenthey also more seriously. notwe can win simply withtheescape; butiswiththeand endurancewiththegenuine humility thatwe will be stronger ofevery enemy. Very little progress one thatrunsnlittle andsuperficial temptations from withouteradicate themsoon will return and he will be even worse. You'll win more easily, to little to little, withagenerouspatienceandwiththe help of God; more easily thatinsisting stubbornly onyour personal effort. Accept frequently the advice ofother, when you're intemptation; andnotbe harsh withone thatistried, butthe comfort, aswould you most be done to you.

 2. Causefirstofany perverse temptation isthelackofstability and spiritualthelackofconfidence in God; because, asaship withoutrudder is pushedhereandbeyond the waves, so man weakened, thatabandons his plans, comes invariously attempted. as the fire is used to test the iron (Sir 31,26), thustemptation is used to test the sanctity ofaperson(Sir 27,6). What options each haveinpower, often notwe know; butthetemptation unfoldsit clearly thatwe are. Howeveryou mustensure, particularly around the beginning oftemptation; for the enemy if he wins easilynotit is allowed for nothingofpass through the doors ofourmind; andifthe bar isthewayof theof Beyondthreshold, notjusthaveknocked. ofHence the saying, "hold on at the beginning, iswhen it's too late to preparethemedicine" (Ovid, Remediaamoris, II, 91). In fact, at firstis then mindsimple thought ofand astrong imagination, and finally ancomplacency, animpulse and badacquiescence. andthus, little by little, the enemy gets wickedofall, because nothe is isresisted at first.andquanto più alungo uno hastardato torpidamente aresistere, tanto più si è, viavia, interiormente indebolito, mentre il nemico isandato crescendo offorze contro oflui.

 3. Alcuni sentono le maggiori tentazioni al principio ofloro conversione aDio; altri invece allafine. Alcuni sono fortemente turbati pressoché fortuttalavita; altri sentono tentazioni piuttosto lievisecondo quanto dispongono lasapienzaandlagiustiziaofDio, le quali pesano lacondizione andi meriti ofciascuno andpreordinano ogni cosaallasalvezzadegli eletti. Perciò notdobbiamo lasciarci cogliere dalladisperazione, quando siamo tentati. Dobbiamo invece, pregare Iddio ancor più fervorosamente, affinché si degni ofaiutarci inogni tentazione; Lui che, inverità, secondo quanto dice Paolo (1Cor 10,13), farà inmodo thatlatentazione siaaccompagnatadai mezzi forpoterlasopportare. Abbassiamo, dunque, inumiltà, l'animanostrasotto lamano ofDio, quando siamo tentati andtribolati, giacché il Signore salverà gli umili ofspirito andli innalzerà (1Pt 5,6; Sal 33,19). Quanto uno abbiaprogredito si dimostranellatentazione andnellatribolazione; qui stail suo maggior merito; qui appare più chiaramente lasuavirtù. notisgran cosaesser devoti andfervorosi quando notsi hanno difficoltà; sapere invece sopportare ifstessi inmomento dell'avversità dà asperare inangrande avanzamento spirituale. Avviene thatalcuni sono al riparo dagrandi tentazioni, masono spesso sconfitti nelle piccole tentazioni ofogni giorno; andcosì, umiliati foressere caduti incose tanto dapoco, notripongono più fiduciainifstessi, nelle cose più grandi.


 1. Rivolgi gli occhi ate stesso andstai attento anotgiudicare quel thatfanno gli altri. intale giudizio si lavorasenzafrutto; frequentemente ci si sbagliaandfacilmente si cade inpeccato. Invece, ingiudizio andinvaglio ofifstessi, si operasempre fruttuosamente. Spesso giudichiamo secondo annostro preconcetto; andcosì, forannostro atteggiamento personale, perdiamo il criterio ofverità. ifil nostro desiderio fosse diretto soltanto aDio, notci lasceremmo turbare così facilmente dallaresistenzaoppostadal nostro senso umano. ofpiù, spesso, c'è qualcosa, già nascosto, latente innoi, o sopravveniente dall'esterno, thatci tiraofquao oflà. Molti, intutto ciò thatfanno, cercano ifstessi, senzaneppure accorgersene. Sembrano essere inperfettapace quando le cose vanno secondo i loro desideri andi loro gusti; se, invece, vanno diversamente, subito si agitano andsi rattristano.

 2. Avviene offrequente thatnascono divergenze traamici andconcittadini, persino trapersone pie anddevote, fordiversità inmodo ofsentire andofpensare. Giacché isdifficile liberarsi davecchi posizioni abituali, andnessuno si lasciatirare facilmente fuori dal proprio modo ofvedere. Così, ifti baserai sui tuoi ragionamenti andsullatuaesperienza, più thatsullaforzapropriaofGesù Cristo, raramente andstentatamente riuscirai ad essere anuomo illuminato; Dio vuole, infatti, thatnoi ci sottomettiamo perfettamente alui, andthattrascendiamo ogni nostro ragionamento grazie ad anfiammeggiante amore.

Capitolo XV (Indice Capitoli) LE OPERE FATTE forAMORE

 1. notsi deve fare alcun male, fornessunacosaal mondo né forcompiacenzaverso chicchessia; talora, invece, forgiovare auno thatne hasbisogno, si deve senzaesitazione lasciare unacosabuonathatsi stafacendo, o sostituirlawithunaancorapiù buonaintal modo notsi distrugge l'operabuona, masoltanto lasi trasformainmeglio.

 2. anullagiovaun'azione esternacompiutasenzaamore; invece, qualunque cosa, forquanto piccolaanddisprezzataessasia, iffattawithamore, diventatuttapienaoffrutti. inverità Iddio nottiene conto dell'azione umanainsé andforsé, maofmoventi ofciascuno. Operagrandemente colui thatagisce withrettitudine; operalodevolmente colui thatsi pone al servizio ofcomunità, più thatofsuo capriccio. Accade spesso thatci sembri amore ciò thatispiuttosto attaccamento carnale; giacché israro che, sotto le nostre azioni, notci siano l'inclinazione naturale, il nostro gusto, lasperanzaofunaricompensa, il desiderio ofnostro comodo. Chi hasanamore vero andperfetto notcercaifstesso, inalcunasuaazione, madesiderasolamente thatinogni cosasi realizzi lagloriaofDio. ofnessuno isinvidioso colui thatnottende al proprio godimento, né vuole personali soddisfazioni, desiderando, al oflà ofogni bene, ofavere beatitudine inDio. Costui notattribuisce alcunché ofbuono anessuno, mariportail bene totalmente aDio; dal quale ogni cosaprocede, asdallasuafonte e, inquale, allafine, tutti i santi godono pace. Oh, chi avesse anche unasolascintillaofveracarità, forcerto capirebbe thattutto ciò thatisofquestaterraispieno ofvanità.


 1. Quei difetti, nostro od altrui, thatnotriusciamo acorreggere, li dobbiamo sopportare withpazienza, fino athatDio notdispongaaltrimenti. Rifletti che, foravventura, questasopportazione islacosapiù utile forte, asprovaofquellapazienza, senzaofquale ben poco contano i nostri meriti. Tuttavia, offronte atali difficoltà, devi chiedere insistentemente thatDio si degni ofvenirti inaiuto andthattu riescaasopportarle lietamente. ifuno, ammonito unavoltaandun'altraancora, notsi acquieta, cessaoflitigare withlui; rimetti invece ogni cosainDio, affinché intutti noi, suoi servi, si faccialavolontà andlagloriaofLui, thatben satrasformare il male inbene. Sforzati ofessere paziente intollerare i difetti andle debolezze altrui, qualunque essi siano, giacché anche tu presenti molte cose thataltri debbono sopportare.

 2. ifnotriesci atrasformare te stesso secondo quellathatpure islatuavolontà, aspotrai pretendere thatgli altri si conformino al tuo desiderio? Vogliamo thatgli altri siano perfetti; mentre noi notcorreggiamo le nostre manchevolezze. Vogliamo thatgli altri si correggano rigorosamente; mentre noi notsappiamo correggere noi stessi. Ci disturbaunaampialibertà degli altri; mentre notsappiamo negare anoi stessi ciò thatdesideriamo. Vogliamo thatgli altri siano stretti entro certe regole; mentre noi notammettiamo ofessere anpo' più frenati. intal modo, dunque, ischiaro thatraramente misuriamo il prossimo asnoi stessi. iffossimo tutti perfetti, thatcosaavremmo dapatire dagli altri, foramore ofDio? Ora, Dio così dispone, affinché apprendessimo aportare l'uno i pesi dell'altro (Gal 6,2). Infatti notc'è alcuno thatnotpresenti difetti o molestie; notc'è alcuno thatbasti aifstesso andche, offorsé, siasufficientemente saggio. Occorre, dunque, thatci sopportiamo avicenda, thatavicendaci consoliamo, thategualmente ci aiutiamo andci ammoniamo. Quantavirtù ciascuno ofnoi abbia, ciò appare al momento delle avversitànotsono le occasioni thatfanno fragile l'uomo, maesse mostrano quale esso è.

Capitolo XVII (Indice Capitoli) LaVITaNEI MONASTERI

 1. ifvuoi mantenere pace andconcordiawithgli altri, devi imparare avincere decisamente te stesso inmolte cose. notiscosafacile stare inanmonastero o inangruppo, andviverci senzalamento alcuno, mantenendosi fedele sino allamorte. Beato colui thatvi avrà vissuto santamente andvi avrà felicemente compiutalavita. ifvuoi stare saldo al tuo dovere andavanzare inbene, devi considerarti esule pellegrino su questaterra. forcondurre unavitaofpietà, devi farti stolto foramore ofCristo.

 2. Poco contano l'abito andlatonsura; sono latrasformazione ofvitaandlacompletamortificazione delle passioni, thatfanno il monaco. Chi tende ad altro thatnotsiasoltanto Dio andlasalute dell'anima, nottroverà thattribolazione anddolore. Ancora, notavrà pace duraturachi notsi sforzaofessere il più piccolo, sottoposto atutti. Qui tu sei venuto forservire, notcomandare. Ricordati thatsei stato chiamato asopportare andafaticare, notapassare il tempo inozio andinchiacchiere. Qui si provano gli uomini, assi proval'oro infuoco (cfr. Sir 27,6). Qui nessuno potrà durevolmente stare, ifnotsi sarà fatto umile dal profondo ofcuore, foramore ofDio.


 1. Guardaai luminosi esempi ofgrandi santi padri, nei quali rifulse unapietà veramente perfettaandvedrai assiaben poco, andquasi nulla, quello thatfacciamo noi. Ahimé!, thatcosaislanostravita, paragonataallavitaofquei santi? Veramente santi, andamici ofCristo, costoro servirono il Signore nellafame andnellasete; infreddo, senzaavere ofthatcoprirsi; infaticoso lavoro; nelle veglie andnei digiuni; nelle preghiere andnelle pie meditazioni; spesso nelle ingiurie andnelle persecuzioni. Quante tribolazioni, andquanto gravi, hanno patito gli apostoli, i martiri, i testimoni offede, le vergini andtutti gli altri thatvollero seguire le orme ofCristo; essi infatti, ebbero inodio ifstessi inquesto mondo, forpossedere le loro anime nellavitaeterna. Quale vitarigorosa, andpienaofrinunce, vissero questi grandi padri indeserto; quante lunghe andgravi tentazioni ebbero asopportare; quanto spesso furono tormentati dal diavolo; quante ripetute andfervide preghiere offrirono aDio; quali dure astinenze seppero sopportare. asfurono grandi l'ardore andil fervore withi quali mirarono al loro progresso spirituale; asfu coraggiosalabattagliathatessi fecero forvincere i loro vizi; asfu pienaandrettalaloro intenzione, thatessi tennero sempre voltaaDio! Lavoravano fortuttalagiornata, andlanotte lapassavano incontinuapreghiera; maneppure durante il lavoro venivamai meno inloro l'orazione interiore. Tutto il loro tempo eraimpiegato utilmente; andaloro sembravatroppo cortaogni oradedicataaDio; ancora, forlagrande soavità ofcontemplazione, dimenticavano persino lanecessità ofrifocillare il corpo. Rinunciavano atutte le ricchezze, alle cariche, agli onori, alle amicizie andalle parentele; nullavolevano avere delle cose ofmondo; mangiavano appenaquanto eranecessario allavitaandsi lamentavano quando si dovevano sottomettere anecessità materiali.

 2. Erano poveri ofcose terrene, molto ricchi invece ofgraziaandofvirtù; esteriormente miserabili, ricompensati però interiormente dallagraziaanddallaconsolazione divina; lontani dal mondo, mavicini aDio, amici intimi ofDio,; si ritenevano annullaed erano disprezzati dagli uomini, maerano preziosi andcari agli occhi ofDio. Stavano insinceraumiltà, vivevano inschiettaobbedienza; camminavano inamore andsapienzaforquesto progredivano spiritualmente ogni giorno, andottenevano tantagraziapresso Dio. Essi sono offerti asesempio fortutti coloro thatsi sono dati allavitareligiosa; essi ci devono indurre all'avanzamento inbene, più thatnotci inducaal rilassamento laschieradelle persone poco fervorose.

 3. Quanto fu grande l'ardore ofquesti uomini ofDio, quando diedero inizio alle loro istituzioni. Quale devozione nellapreghiera, quale slancio nellavita, quale rigore inesso vigoreggiò; quanto rispetto andquantadocilità sotto laregolaofmaestro fiorì intutti loro. Restano ancoracerti ruderi abbandonati, ad attestare thatfurono veramente uomini santi andperfetti, costoro, thatwithunastrenualotta, schiacciarono il mondo. Oggi, invece, già uno isritenuto buono ifnottradisce lafede; ifriesce asopportare withpazienzaquel thatgli tocca. Tale islanostraattuale condizione ofnegligente tiepidezza, thatben presto cadiamo infervore iniziale; pigri andstanchi, già ci viene anoialavita. Vogliail cielo thatinte notsi vadaspegnendo oftutto l'avanzamento nelle virtù; inte thatfrequentemente hai avuto sotto gli occhi gli esempi ofsanti.


 1. Lavitaofcolui thatsi isdato aDio deve essere rigogliosaofogni virtù, cosicché, quale egli appare esteriormente allagente, tale siaanche interiormente. Anzi, andaragione, ofdentro vi deve essere molto più ofquanto appare offuori; giacché noi siamo sotto gli occhi ofDio, andalui dobbiamo sommo rispetto, ovunque ci troviamo; Dio, dinanzi al quale dobbiamo camminare puri asangeli. Ogni giorno dobbiamo rinnovare il nostro proposito andspronare noi stessi al fervore, asfossimo appenavenuti, oggi, allavitaofmonastero. Dobbiamo direaiutami, Signore Iddio, inmio buon proposito andinsanto servizio thatti isdovuto; concedimi ofricominciare oggi radicalmente, perché quel thatho fatto fin qui isnulla. Il nostro progresso spirituale procede ofpari passo withil nostro proposito. Grande vigilanzaoccorre forchi vuol avanzare inbene; ché, ifcade spesso colui thathasforti propositi, thatcosasarà ofcolui thatsoltanto ofrado si propone alcunché, andwithpocafermezza? Svariati sono i modi nei quali ci accade ofabbandonare il nostro proposito; anche lasemplice omissione ofansolo esercizio ofpietà portaquasi sempre qualche guasto. inverità, lafermezzaofproposito ofgiusti dipende, più thatdallaloro saggezza, dallagraziaofDio, inquale essi ripongono laloro fiducia, qualunque metariescano araggiungere, giacché l'uomo propone machi dispone isDio, le cui vie noi notconosciamo. iftalvolta, forfare ofbene o foressere utili ai fratelli, si omette anabituale esercizio ofpietà, esso potrà facilmente essere recuperato più tardi; thatse, invece, quasi senzabadare, lo si tralasciaformalavogliao negligenza, ciò costituisce già unacolpa, anddeve essere sentito asunaperdita.

 2. forquanto ci mettiamo tutto l'impegno possibile, sarà facile thatabbiamo acadere ancora, invarie occasioni. Tuttaviadobbiamo fare continuamente qualche proponimento preciso, specialmente incontrapposto aciò thatmaggiormente impedisce il nostro profitto spirituale. Cose esterne andcose interiori sono necessarie al nostro progresso spirituale, perciò, le une asle altre, dobbiamo esaminarle attentamente andmetterle ingiusto ordine. ifnotriesci astare sempre concentrato inte stesso, raccogliti oftempo intempo, almeno unavoltaal giorno, lamattinao laseralamattinaforfare i tuoi propositi, laseraforesaminare asti sei comportato, cioè assei stato, nelle parole, nonché nei pensieri, withi quali forse hai più spesso offeso Dio o il prossimo. Armati, asansoldato, contro le perversità ofdiavolo. Tieni afreno lagola; così terrai più facilmente afreno ogni altracattivatendenzaofcorpo. notstare mai senzafar nullasii occupato sempre, aleggero o ascrivere, apregare o ameditare, o afare qualche lavoro utile fortutti. Gli esercizi corporali ofciascuno siano compiuti separatamente; né tutti possono assumersene ugualmente. ifnotsono esercizi oftuttalacomunità, notdevono essere palesati atutti, giacché ciò thatispersonale si fawithmaggior profitto insegreto. Tuttaviaguardaofnotessere tardo alle pratiche comunitarie; più pronto, invece, aquelle tue proprie. Che, compiuto disciplinatamente andinteramente il dovere imposto, ifavanzatempo, ritornerai ate stesso, asvuole latuadevozione personale. notispossibile thattutti abbiano afare il medesimo esercizio, giacché aciascuno giovaqualcosaofparticolare. andpoi si amano esercizi diversi secondo i momentialcuni ci sono più graditi nei giorni offesta, altri nei giorni comuni. Inoltre, inmomento oftentazione andinmomento ofpacificatranquillità, abbiamo bisogno ofesercizi ben diversi. Infine quando siamo nellatristezzaci piace pensare acerte cose; ad, invece quando siamo nellaLetiziaofSignore.

 3. Nelle feste più solenni dobbiamo rinnovare gli esercizi ofpietà ed implorare withfervore più grande l'aiuto ofsanti. I nostri proponimenti devono andare daunaad altrafestività, asifinquel punto dovessimo lasciare questo mondo andgiungere allafestaeterna. forquesto, nei periodi ofparticolare devozione, dobbiamo prepararci withcura, andmantenerci inpiù grande pietà, attenendoci più rigorosamente ai nostri doveri, quasi stessimo forricevere daDio il premio delle nostre fatiche. thatiftale premio sarà rimandato, dobbiamo convincerci thatnoteravamo pienamente preparati andthatnoteravamo ancoradegni ofimmensagloria, thatci sarà rivelata(Rm 8,18) intempo stabilito; anddobbiamo fare inmodo ofprepararci meglio allamorte. "Beato quel servo - dice Lucaevangelista- thatil padrone, al suo arrivo, avrà trovato sveglio andpronto. inverità vi dico thatgli darà daamministrare tutti i suoi beni" (Lc 12,44; cfr. Lc 12,37).

Capitolo XX (Indice Capitoli) L'AMORE ofSOLITUDINE andofSILENZIO

 1. Cercail tempo adatto forpensare ate andrifletti frequentemente sui benefici thatvengono daDio. Tralasciaogni cosaumanamente attraente; meditaargomenti thatti assicurino unacompunzione ofspirito, piuttosto thatanmodo qualsiasi ofoccuparti. ansufficiente spazio oftempo, adatto fordedicarti abuone meditazioni, lo troverai rinunciando afare discorsi inutilmente oziosi andad ascoltare chiacchiere sugli avvenimenti ofgiorno. I più grandi santi evitavano, forquanto possibile, ofstare withlagente andpreferivano stare appartati, al servizio ofDio. E' stato dettoogni voltathatandai tragli uomini ne ritornai meno uomo ofprima(Seneca, Epist. VII, 3). andne facciamo spesso esperienza, quando stiamo alungo aparlare withaltri. Tacere oftutto ispiù facile thatevitare le intemperanze ofdiscorrere, asispiù facile stare chiuso incasathatsapersi convenientemente controllare fuori casa. Perciò colui thatvuole giungere allaspiritualità interiore, deve, insieme withGesù, ritirarsi dallagente. Soltanto chi amail nascondimento stainmezzo allagente senzaerrare; soltanto chi amail silenzio parlasenzavaneggiare; soltanto chi amalasottomissione eccelle senzasbagliare; soltanto chi amaobbedire comandasenzasgarrare; soltanto colui thatiscerto ofsuabuonacoscienzapossiede gioiaperfetta.
2. However, even in the saints, this sense ofsafety foundation was inthe fear of God. They shone forextraordinary and virtueforgrace, butnotforthis was less fervent anddeeply humble. The sense ofsecurity ofbad derives instead fromprideandthepresumption; and, at the End, is changedindeception ofifthemselves. notof hopeto have security inthis world, even if six felt good monaco or hermit devoted; often, those thatlooked excellent in the eyes of men were in the most serious difficulties. fora lot of people isbetter then notbe of Everything freetemptations and often have to befight ofthese, so that not, we are too sure ofself, notfor we havecase to fit inpride, or evento turn wildly to earthly joys. What is goodconsciencehe would maintain thatnotnever go looking for the fleeting joys andnotthey take leave of this world! What great peace and serenity which one would thathe knew nip every vain thought, pondering just around to it thatrelation to God andtothe health of the soul, andplacing well fixedeveryhope inGod! No one will be worthy ofheavenly bliss, ifnothave submitted patiently ifthe same spiritual stimulus. Now, ifyou want to feel you from the bottom ofheart this goad, withdrawn inyourroom, leaving out the tumult ofworld, asiswritten prodded yourselves in your rooms (Ps 4,4). What thatout forthe more, go missing, you will find it inyourcell; thewhich becomesoffoffmore and more expensive, while concernswe only to those who areofthe wrong mood. If, from the beginning ofyourcominginconvent, you'll be inyourcell, andthehave charge withgoodstate of mind, itwill become foryou friendbelovedand ncomfort greatly appreciated.

 3. Insilence andtherest the soul devout and progresseshe learns the hidden meaning of the Scriptures; insilence andinpeace isRivers ofTears fornettarsi andcleanse every night, andbecomes, the more deeplyits creator as isfarfromevery worldly noise. If, then, one is subtracted to and acquaintancesfriends, will be the next God, with the angels saints. It 'thing better sit apart to ensure his own improvement, thatperform miracles, forgetting ifthemselves. Whatcommendable, forthe one thatlive inconvent, going out ofoften, avoid ofappearance, even dodging thepeople. Why would you want to see what thatnotyou can have? "The world is passing away, andpass his desires" (1 Jn 2:17). The desires ofways lead to roam withthemind; but, after the time thatthingget out of it ifnotanweight onconscienceandaprofound dissipation? OutputfullofjoyPrepare often anreturn full ofsadness; awatchfullofjoyit makes the next day full ofbitterness; enjoyment of allmeat penetrateswithsweetness, buttoend bites and he kills. thatthing you can see out ofmonastery, thathere you notsee? Here, and here you have the skythe earthanddaughters all elements from which all things are taken. thatthingyou will see elsewhere, thatwouldlast to long in this sun? Perhaps you think ofkeen fully satisfy; butawhat notyou will come. For, if you too could see of all thingsthis world, thatwhat would be this, ifnotanno dreamconsistency? Leverageyour eyeshigh, to God, and praysforand your sinsforyour shortcomings. Leavethe vanity toPeople in vain; andyou wait instead to what thatyou hasGod commanded. Close behind ofThe youyourdoor, callingto you Jesus, your beloved, andremainswithin himthe cell; because anot so great peace elsewherethefind. if thou notYou'll come out and nothingyou will hear noise from the mundane, you'll be more likely toaperfect peace. andbecause sometimeshear new things containpleasure, it must be thatyou knowendure the consequent disturbance of the mind.

Chapter XXI (Contents Chapters)

Theof compunction1. HEART ifyou want to make some progress stored infear of God, noaspire toainordinatefreedom; instead hold firmly to curb your senses, nolet you goAstupidjoy. Abandoned atcompunction ofheart, andthen you will find atruedevotion. Thecompunction fact isbloom many good things, which, withthe lightnessofheart, accustomed to suddenly disperse. And 'wonderthat, one couldsometimesfind fulljoyinlife on earth, ifconsiderthatthisis anexile andifreflects the many risks thatthehersoul meet you. for lightnessofheart andindifferenceofour faults often notwe are aware of woe ofoursoul; indeed, often laugh foolishly, when, in Truth, we should cry. notthere is in fact truefreedom, nor the holy joy, ifnotinfear of God andtheof righteousnessconsciousness. Happy is he thatunable to get rid ofany hindrance due to dispersion spiritual, concentrating all ifsameaperfect contrition. Happy is he thatsaremove all thatit can stain or burden his spirit. You must fightmanyou win with the habitthe habit. if statementto learnnotcure yourself ofpeople, thisleave thatyou waitquietly to yourself. notbring in ofte the affairs of others, notneither meddle ofone thatmaking people more in-view; rather monitorsalways andinout of first placeyou, andturn your warning particularly to yourself firstthatto other people, even loved ones. notbe sad ifnotget the favor of men; than thatyou must weigh, however, istheestablishment ofnotbe of Everything andcertainly instreetofwell, asit would agree to anservant of God and aan monaco full ofdevotion.

 2. 'greatly useful forus, and he gives us securityofspirit, notget a lot of joy inthislife; particularly joys materials. However, it issinourifnotreceive divine consolation or try it rarely; why notwe look forof compunctionand the heartnotreject ofall the vain consolations thatare from ofout. Recognize ofto be unworthy ofdivine consolation, andworthy rather ofa lot of suffering, When one isfully pierced inifthe same, everythingofthe world appears to him and heavybitter. The righteous man, well locatedreason ofcrying painful. Boththatreflecton ofself or thatgothinking of others, he understands thatno one lives down here withoutafflictions; andwhat is judged more severely, the more it hurts. It is our sins andour vices to provide materialofpain and rightofprofound compunction; and sinvices from which we are so wrapped andcrushed thatwe rarely to look to higher things. if statementour thoughts often go todeath, more than thatthe lengthoflife, nodoubt there emenderemmo withgreater fervor. of more, ifus to reflect onthe deep ofheart to the suffering of hell and futureofpurgatory, surely we would accept hardships andpain, andnotwe fearofnharsh judgment. Instead these things notpenetrateour soul; therefore we cling to the sweet softness, we remain cold andvery lazy. Often, in fact, issortofthe spiritual povertythateasily invades our lowly body. PrayI humbly beg the Lord thatgive you the spirit ofcompunction; andof ', withthe prophet, feed me, Lord, "with the bread of tears; give me, in tears, copiousdrink" (Psalm 79.6).

Chapter XXII (Contents Chapters)

TheMeditation ofMiseryHUMAN

 1. Wherever you areandeverywhere you turn and you're always miserablewhat; to less than thatyou are notyou may turnall to God. Why remains upset when things do notgo according toyourand desireyour wish? Who isthe one thateverything hasaccording to his good pleasure? notI, not thou, nor anyone else on thisthe earth. notno person in the world, even ifisnking or npope, thatnothavetribulation or distress. and Who isso thathasthebest part? Nohe doubt thatiscapable ofbear some evil forlove of God. It says a lotpeople, weak andsickin spirit, lookthatlife blessedthat such conduct; asisand richgreat, asisand powerfulasisascended totop! But, ifask for things eternal mind, you'll see thatall these things are passing annothing, but somethingofand very insecureparticularly heavy, as in temporal affairs notyou can not haveconcerns andfear. forthehappiness notit is necessary thatthe man has any property in landredundancy; enough, have onemodest amount, sincelifeofthis world isa reallypoorwhat. The more we wantrise spiritually, the more thelifeThis is the bitter, because it finds thatfully deficiencies due tocorruptnaturehuman. Indeed eat, drink, stay awake, sleep, rest, work, andhaving to succumb to other needs thatrequires us toournature, everything in-Fact, isamisery and greatan pain forthe religious man; who would desire to be dissolved and:-freeevery sin. inthe effects of man thatlive inwardly feel overwhelmed, asan underweight, material needs of This World; and isso thatthe prophet prays fervently ofto be released, saying, "Lord, take away my fromthese needs" (Ps 24:17).

 2. Woe to those thatnotrecognizetheir misery. Alas, even more, to those thatlike thislife miserable andintendedto finish; alifetowhich, howevercertainpeople - even if working or begging, just put togetherjustyou need - takes root, asif statements could stay down here foreternal, withoutMaybe thinking ofkingdom of God. People mad, inwardly freeoffaith; people submerged by earthly things, soenjoy just what thatisthe material. Atthe end, however, they should find, withpain, were worth as little - as indeedthey were annothing - things thatthey loved. Very differently, the saints of God, andall devout friends of Christ; them notthey went back to the pleasures ofbody orwhat thatmakes this thrivinglife, death. Thetheir yearning and tensionallthetheir hope was forthe things eternal; their desire - fornotbe derived from the attachment to the bottom of thingson earth - is elevatedcompletely invisible things, thatnotthey are not. O brother, notlosehopeofspiritual progress; See, I have the time andtime. Why, then, do you want to put off until tomorrow your purpose? Get up, and youstartimmediately, saying isthis is the time ofact; isthis is the time offight; isthis is the right time forcorrect. When you have aches andtribulations, thenisfor the time beingof yourselfyou deserve. Since it is necessary thatyou walk through the "fire andwater" beforeofcome incool (Ps 65,12). andifnotdo violence to yourself, notwin your vices. As long as we bring this fragile body, notwe can be free from sin nor live withoutand harassmentpain. Well we would like to have truce byall misery; buthaving lost, to causeofsin,ourinnocence, we have lost down here alsotruehappiness. Therefore it is necessary thatkeep it inwe astoppatiently waitingofmercy of God, "tothatisdeaththe iniquity of This World" (Ps 56.2) andmortal things "are taken fromlife eternal" (2 Cor 5.4).

 3. Much isfragilenaturehumanthatitalways hangs to the defect. You accuse of todayyour sins and tomorrow you make ofnew right of thisyou are accused. We propose of todaylook from evil, andafter an hour you act asif thou notyou were offered nothing. Ben to reason, then, we can humble ourselves; we can never have anygoodreview ofourselves, because we are so weak andunstable. Moreover, it can go quickly lost for Negligencethis thatto difficulty, witha lothard work, we had toend reached forgrace of God. Andthatthingit will be ofus atend, ifit takes so soonapathy? Woe to us, ifpretendessimo ofsit quietly, asif statementwe had already achieved peace and security, while, in theourlife, noteven see anindication oftrue sanctity. Should be thatwe were ofnew molded, almostangood novitiateAlife above reproach; inthis way can we hope ofachieving ansome improvement andofachieving anmost spiritual profit.

Chapter XXIII (Contents Chapters)


 1. SoonDeath will be here, at ofyou. Consider, ofrest, theyourconditionthe man is today and tomorrow ismissing; and when isremoved from the sight, quickly also comes frommemory. How big are thefoolishnessandthehardnessofthe human hearthe thinks only of things today andnotpretty things to come. in all actions, inevery thought, you should behave asifyou were to die today; because, ifyou straighttheconsciousness, notyou will have a lot of Fearofdeath. It would be best to stay away from sin thatescapedeath. if today notare you prepared to die, asyou will be tomorrow? Tomorrow isawhatnotfor surethatdo you know ifyou have antomorrow? tothatit is good to live to long, ifwe correct ourselves so little? Unfortunately notalwayslife longit corrects the defects; and often adds more guilt. Maybe we could spend even a holy oneonedayinthis world. Many make the account of the years sincetheir conversion to God; butis pooroften the result oftheir emendation. Certainly death iswhatthatscary; but perhaps is more dangerous to live to long. Blessed is the one thathasalways before my eyes the hourofherdeath and isready every day to die. ifsometimesyou've seen one die, thinkthat you too will have to go forthesamethe road. Themorning, says, on behalf ofnotget tothe evening; and when you do then eveningnotdare to hope for tomorrow. So be always ready; andyou live inso that, inany time, thedeath notyou are unprepared.

 2. There are many people thatdieaninstant, suddenly; as "the Son of man cometh at an hourinnot thatit thinks thatwouldcome" (Mt 24:44; Lk 12:40). When it reached that extreme moment, you will begin to judge all very differenttheyourlife, past, andvery dorrai of youhaving been so careless andso weak. How much is wise andprudent man, during the life, strugglesofbeing who desiresto be found at the time ofdeath! Now onefulltrustofthe holy deathgive the complete disregard ofthe world, the ardent desire ofprogress in virtue, love of a sacrifice, the fervor inpenance,surrenderto ifand the samethe ability to endure any hardship forlove of Christ. While you are ingood health, a lot of working isgood; notI know, however, thatthing you can do when you're sick. Since there are few who, forthe fact ofto be sick, become better people; such asthere are few who, forthe fact ofto go frequentlypilgrimage, become more holy. notthink ofto defer to anthe future tenseyoursalvation, relying on the votes of friends andoffamily; all of them will forget as soon as possible ofhow you notbelieve. Therefore, rather than thathope in the help ofother, isto provide good now, since thatit isintime, putting forth anbit 'ofgood. For, ifnotyou take careofyourself now, then who will take careofyou? That isthe very precious time; these are the days ofsalvation; isthis is the time thatlike the Lord (2 Cor 6,2). Unfortunately, however, this time you are notyou spend it usefully Things meritorious forthelife everlasting. The time will comewhat wonder least anday or an hour foremendarti; andnotknow ifthe get. Here, then, my dear, ofwhat danger you can release, to which you can escape danger, ifyou have been alwaysthe fear of God, insightofdeath. Prosecutoroflive nowinso that, in the hourofdeath, you canget joy, rather than fear; learnto die to the world, so that you begin thento live with Christ; learn nowto despise all things, so that you canthengo freely to Christ; mortify nowyour body withtherepentance, that ye gothento be full ofconfidence.

 3. Thou fool, because thinking of going to live to long, and not, are you sure ofhave not onethe day? How many people have been deceived, unexpectedly removed to thislife! How many times have you heard thatone isdead ofwounds andnanother isdrowned; thatone, falling from above, isbrokenhead; thatone it ischoking while eatingandnanother isdead as he wasplaying? Who dies for fire, who forsword; Who foraplague, for those whonassault ofmarauders. In short, though fate isthedeath; andpassQuickly asa shadowthelife of man. Who of you will rememberyou, after thatyou will be gone, and Who will pray foryou? Please, my dear, you do nowall thatyou aredegree ofmaking, why notknow the day ofyourdeath; or know thatthingit will be ofafter you. Collect Now, eternal riches, while you are intime. notthinkno more than thattoyoursalvation; only concerned about the things of God. The facts nowfriends, venerating the saints of God andimitating their actions, "so that you receive the eternal places, when you have left thislife" (Luke 16.9). Mantienti, on this earth, asone thatisofpassing; asanhost, thatnothasto thatdo withchores of This World. Keep your heart free, andto the sky, why notyou have a stable homethis world (Heb 13:14). To the sky are targeting and continued prayersand sighstears, that, after thedeath,yoursoul isworthyofgo happily to the Lord. Amen.

Chapter XXIV (Contents Chapters)


 1. Inevery thingkeep your eye fixed to the final; keep the eye, that is, to asyou will appear before the supreme court; the court thatsees everything, notletplacate withgifts, notagreean apology; andjudgeaccording to justice (see. Is 11.4). Oh !, and wretchedfoolish sinner, asyou can respond to God, who knows all the evil thatyou did; you thatsometimes trembletoviewofonly the face of angrynman? Why notthinkthat thatof willYou are inday ofjudgment, when no one will be vindicated anddefended byothers, andfor each will beifn the sameweight too serious? And 'now thattheyourfatigueisproducing; isnow thatyour crying andyour breath can please God and be heard; isnow thatyour pain and can repay the evil donemake you pure.

 2. nsevere andhealthy purgatory hasthe one thatsabear. Those receiving injustices of regretsevilothers, more thatofevil suffered; isready to pray forthose thatthe contrast andpardonofheart their faults; nothesitates to ask for forgiveness to others; is more inclined to have compassion thatto be angry; agoviolence often atifand the sameit strivesofthe subject entirelythe flesh to the spirit. Nip nowthe vices andpurge timefrom sin isthe best thing thatleave thempurge inthe future. Indeed we do deception to ourselves by loving the things of the flesh, against the order established by God. Thatit shall devour the other, that fire, ifnotyour sins? So, indulge yourself as much to yourself here, following the meat, the tougher match then, preparing thus far, most abundant material forthose flames. Each will be most severely punishedin thisthat he had to sin. There are the lazy pressed byprods on fire; andthe gluttons be tormented bythirst andhunger. The lustful and thereon the lovers ofpleasures will be paidabundance and burning pitchsulfur stink; andthe envious, forthe great pain, give inhowling like rabid dogs. notthere will be vice thatnothasits special torment. There will be full of the proudevery loss; andwill be oppressed by the greedyseriouspoverty. An hour passedthere, indeath, will be greater ofa hundred years here atseverepenance. Notruce, there, no comfort forthe damned; while down here sometimeswe come offfromeffortandyou can enjoy ofrelief of friends.

 3. You have to givedo now, andcry your sins, forto be withoutthinkingday ofjudgment. on that day, in fact, the righteous shall stand infulltranquilityfaceto those thatoppressed them (Wis 5,1) andtrample them. It will be up asjudge him thathoursubmits humbly to the judgment of men. in that day, great hope will be the poor andthe humble, andwill be full of Fearthe superb; appears thatBeen isessaythis world one thathasbeen known to be foolish anddespised forlove of Christ. in that day will be dear, every tribulation thatiswasSufferedpatiently, and "all unrighteousness will closehismouth" (Ps 106.42); the pious man will be injoy, while it will be in pain who islived withoutfaith. in that day the body will benefit more troubled thatifhe was fed ofdelights; the shineas grossandthatthe end is darkened; amiserable abodeit will be admiredthatanGolden Palace. in that day onepatiencethatnotit iscome, never less, will benefit more than thatallthepowerofthe earth; thefrankobedience will be glorified more than thatit allcunningofthe world. in that day thepureandlineconscience give you more joythatthelearnedteaching; contempt of riches will be worth more thatthe treasure of all men. in that day you will have more joy fromafervent prayerthattonterrific lunch; will derive more joy from the silence thatyou have maintained thattona long talk. on that day of good works will be worth more thatmany words; alifestrictisahardpenanceyou will be the most expensive ofevery pleasure ofthisthe earth.

 4. Learnto suffer anjust now, so thenyou canbe freed bysuffering more. Tryyourself first, here, forknowledge ofthatthingyou'll be able then. ifnow you know so little suffering, asyou will endure eternal torments? ifnow anlittle suffering makes you so incapable ofendurance, asyou will makeGehenna? That is, in Truth, notyou can have all the and two, these joys enjoythislifeandthen reign with Christ. thatyou would, if, until now, you had always lived betweenand honorsthe pleasures, and nowyou happen ofdie suddenly? Everything, therefore, isvanity, except to love God andserve to Him alone. andtherefore he thatlove God withall his heart nothasscaredeither ofdeath, nor ofconviction, nor ofjudgment, nor hell. anperfect love leadswithallsecurity in God; those who continues to love the sin hasscaredand- what notdowonder- ofdeath andofjudgment. ifthen notyou still havefor love enoughstay away from evil, iswell thatat leastfear of hell hold you back; InWho indeed not; holdaccount just the fear of God notbe able to stay to long instreetofgood, but It will fall soon in the toils ofthe devil.

Chapter XXV (Contents Chapters)

CORRECT fervently throughout Laour VITA

 1. thatyou arealert andprecise, inserve God; thinksfrequently thereason forthewhat did you come here, leaving the world. notBeen is perhaps forto live in God andmake all spirit? thatyou are, therefore, fervently, as insoon you will be rewarded ofyour efforts; nor will you have on your horizon, no fear and pain for labor, hereanlittle, andthen there is agreat peace, indeed, ajoy everlasting. ifyou will be in constantfaith andfervent in the works, God, nodoubt, and will be rightgenerous inreward. thatyou keepthe santahopeofto comevictory, even ifnotiswell thatyou have itno security, fornotin the fallstate ofnumbness or ofpresumption. AOnce, ansuch debated internally betweenand fearthehope, the weary as painful, and bowed inchurch, in front of analtar saying tohimself"Oh! Ifyou knew ofbeing able to persevere ". andimmediately ofinside, he heard aanswer, thatwasfromGod"Why, ifyou knew ofto persevere, thatthingwould you do? Do it now, than thatyou want to do, and of youall quiet. "So serene andcomforted, he relied onthe will of God, andceased inhe sameanguishuncertainty; he nothe wanted to try more ofknowing that thatit would be ofhimthe future, andit gave rather to search for "what was thewill ofLord of the willand wellofperfection" (Rom 122) fortake andbring to fulfillment every workgood. Says the prophet"Hopein the Lord andagogood; dwellthe earthandfed his riches" (Psalm 36.3).

 2. Asinglewhatisthatthatdiverts muchpeople and spiritual progressthe fervent efforts ofCorrectionthe dismay ofthe face of obstacles andthe harshnessofthisfight. Indeed advance in the virtues those thatof endeavorit manfully overcome thatisJoinedthey heavier, andthat more contrasts them; since the very place where the more you win ifthemselves, mortifying the spirit, the more you earn, andmore graceyou get. Of course thatnot all men have equal strength forwin ifthemselves andJoinedmortification. However, one thathastenacityandgood will, even ifhis passions are more violent, will be able to progress more ofanother, while good, butless fervent instrive toward virtue. Two things particularly the achievement of YouthsAtotal emendationdoing violence to if statements themselves, turning away from evil, to which everyone isworn fornature; andthe spiritual good of persistently askwhere everyone hasthe greatest need. Also you need to doway ofavoid this especially thatmost often are uglyother. From every part of why you have to know how to drawspiritual profit. So, ifyou get itofof or seehear ofgood examples, you burn with the desire ofimitate them; If, however, you think thatsomethingbothworthy ofdisapproval, gotta watch from doing the same; ifsometimesyou did, Prosecutorofemendarti. asyour eye judgesothers, as well, to youtime, you will be judged by others. I rejoicedandthat sweetness of viewfull of brothersand fervorofdevotion, saints inlifeinterior andthetheir conduct; as sadness, however, andsuch as pain, see some brothers thatgo ofhereandofthere, messily, leaving out ofplaying just for thisthey were called! Great injury attorney, forget the promises of thishisvocation, turning desires to different thingsthose thatwe are ordered.

 3. Remember ofDecision thatyou get it, andask before your eyesfigureofcrucifix. Reflecting thelife of Jesus Christ, you really ofthatashamed, because notyou still havetrying ofget closer to him, even if it was fora lot of timelifeofGod. monaco thattrainswithintensedevotion onlifeholyandtheof passion, Lord, you will find atabundanceall thatthe can be helpful andnecessary; andnotwill try anythingofrather, out of Jesus. Oh, aswe would be at once fully indoctrinated ifwe are inour heart Jesus crucified! The Monaco full offervor bearseverythinga holy andagreeit thathe was given; rather than negligent andwarm is:tribulation on the otherand isdistressed forevery line, because he lackstheinterior consolation, andthatoutsidehe is precluded. The Monaco thatlive out ofrule should bemeetingfullruin. For those who tend tocondition rather free:-freediscipline will always be uncertain, for nownotthe one will bewhat, nowanother. asdo the other monks, so numerous, thatlive well covered by theruleofthe convent? They come out ofsparse andlive free fromeverything; eat very poorly anddress shoes coarse; work hard andsay little; watch up to late nowandstand up fortime; pray to the long, and often readact strictly in accordance with therule. Look, the Carthusians, Cistercians, and the monks andthe nuns ofother Orders, asget up every night forsinging the praises of God. Now, that would be a shame, inathingso much meritorious, i let you pick fromlaziness as anvery large number of monks beginshis songs ofjoy, inunion with God. Oh !, ifus notwe had nothing todo thatpraise the Lord our God withall my heart andwithalltheourvoice. Oh !, if thou notI had never need of eating, ofdrink, ofsleep; andI could instead of praisethe Lord always, andto take care of things onlythe spirit.Allorasaresti più felice ofadesso, thatsei al servizio oftuo corpo forvarie necessità.andvolesse il Cielo thatnotci fossero, queste necessità, andci fossero soltanto i pasti spirituali dell'anima, thatpurtroppo gustiamo ben ofrado.

 4. Quando uno sarà giunto anotcercare il proprio conforto inalcunacreatura, alloraegli comincerà agustare perfettamente Dio;alloraaccetterà ofbuon grado ogni cosathatpossasuccedere;alloranotsi rallegrerà, o rattristerà, foril molto o il poco thatpossieda.Si rimetterà oftutto andwithpienafiduciainDioinDio, thatforlui sarà tutto, inogni circostanza;inDio, agli occhi ofquale nullamuove o vainteramente perduto;inDio, andforil quale ogni cosavive, servendo senzaesitazione al suo comando.Abbi sempre presente thattutto finisce andthatil tempo perduto notritorna.notgiungerai apossedere forzaspirituale, ifnotavrai sollecitudine anddiligenza.ifcomincerai ad essere spiritualmente malato.ifinvece ti darai tutto al fervore, troverai unagrande pace, andsentirai più lieve lafatica, forlagraziaofDio andforlaforzadell'amore.Tutto può, l'uomo fervido anddiligente.Impresapiù grande delle sudate fatiche corporali isquellaofvincere i vizi andofresistere alle passioni.andcolui thatnotsaevitare le piccole mancanze, cade, apoco apoco, inmancanze maggiori.Sarai sempre felice, lasera, ifavrai spesalagiornatafruttuosamente.Vigilasu te stesso, scuoti andammonisci te stesso;checché facciano gli altri, notdimenticare te stesso.Il tuo progresso spirituale sarà pari allaviolenzathatavrai fatto ate stesso. Amen.


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alltheof criminal civilizationMerkel andMogherini! the systemMasonic Rothschild Bildenberg "] [inDonbass found the bodies of hundredsofwomen raped by paramilitary Ukrainians. to Krasnoarmeysk inthe region of Donetsk, during the occupation of the forces ofSafetyUkrainian are disappeared about 400 women ofagebetween18 and25. Recently incity, where he wasthe battalion deployed "Dnepr-1", andin the suburbs have been found 286 bodies ofwomenall were detected signs ofviolence. It hassaid of the prime ministerseparatist governmentof Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko.

October 1, Near Donetsk found 400 bodies in mass graves. in Donetsk are 400 municipal bodies in morgues notidentified, found in mass graves in the vicinity ofcity, hasRussian told reporters the defense ofhuman rights Latvian Einārs Graudiņš. Graudiņš hasreported thatalong with aof the task force8 of expertsthe EU, accompanied bythe representatives of the pro-Russian authorities, has2 visited graves. According to him, the body lay under a layer of earthcoolshallow, thus assuming thatthe corpses were hastily thrown into the pits.
Women ofneighboring towns told to Graudiņš thattheir homes were plundered by the men of the forces ofsafety of Ukrainian and addedbeing repeatedly raped.
On 23 September, the separatist militia were found near of Donetsk several mass graves, where the forces pro-Kiev have executed civilians, according to the accounts of the local inhabitants.
The forces ofSafetyUkrainian resume bombing of Donetsk. At least anCivil haslostlife, while 6 others were woundedof followingthe bombing of forcessecurityUkraine Donetsk.
They were bombed neighborhoods ofKievsky, and KuibyshevskyPetrovsky.
Overall in the last days of the pro-Russian militias have registered 12 cases ofviolations ofcease-firepart ofUkrainian military in the region of Lugansk and Donetsk. Thesituation remains tense. Onlineofthe front, the Ukrainian armed forces have stepped up actions ofwar.
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Cavallini Giles · Top · Commentator Verona
killed because he "suspected". left to diethe middle of theroad, forbleeding, withthepoliceIsraelthatshootingbullets ofRubberagainst those who triedofbring relief. butnot nowI am surprised more, these are the Jews, anof peoplethe Nazis.
 Lorenzo Scarola· Theological ItalySouthern you are anIslamic Nazi Sharia pedophile, polygamist, religious maniacpenaltyofdeath forapostasy .. Caliphate global genocide to all dhimmis? without human rights, serial murderess? they kill 300 Christian martyrs, every day .. and you too, will answer forit! When we went inKosovo to protect Muslims, thatnothasprevented to themofTO make the genocide ofall Christians! [How many of SoldiersNATO KILLED inKOSOVO? notisNEVER BEEN RELEASED! ] Notit isnot a single one remainedofCHRISTIANS inKOSOVO! Muslims have razed 3000between, monasteries and churches cemeteries! inTHESE CONDITIONS? ONLY, an APPROACH CAN PROTECT The BRUTALourSURVIVAL .. isTERRIBLE COSSE SAY THIS, THAT, notbelong toourCIVILIZATION Humanist .. BUT, isTHIS THAT, TheLeagueArabwill force us to DO, IF WE WANT tO SURVIVE!
WHEN will I be theMIadayofANGER? THEN, is BeenWRITTEN, THAT is UNIUS REITheLaw ofretaliation, AGAINST ALL THE GENOCIDE thatDID THE false prophet MUHAMMAD TO DATE !! TEL AVIV, October 31 - Fatah, the organization ofPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, hascalled a '' dayofanger '' in Jerusalem andinWest Bank after the killing ofMuataz Hijazi suspected ofhe had shot the Rabbi ultra 'YehudaGlick. It represents:PressPalestinian. Sources ofFatah, quoted by Haaretz, announced gears ofprotestinWest Bank after the prayers ofFriday, 'andhave reportedGeneral atmosphere:' 'tension' '.

The New Testament not Cancelsthe 10 commandments.
Themercy of God isONLY forthose who repent andchangelife.


all genocidesmerkel Mogherini Bildenberg the RothschildTroikausurocracy, for the sunriseradiantofSatan, NWO!
Moscow calls for investigation of crimes against womenUkraineEastern
Alexander Brod. The Director of MoscowJoinedHuman Rights Alexander Brod hasasked for an investigation intodiscoveryofapitcommonwhere were found the bodies ofwomen inthe region of Donetsk, urgingparticipation in the investigationinternational organizations and the UNthe OSCE.
The same activistofhuman rights is eager to go tovisitinthe region of Donetsk andask questions in person tolocal people forshed light oneach other. hasexpressed confidence on the fact thatthe separatist authorities of Donetsk have already launched an investigation.
PreviouslyPrime Minister of the pro-Russian authorities of Donetsk Alexander had Zakharchenkoreported thatinthe western part ofthe region of Donetsk were foundonegravecommon bodies of286 women.

The Russianotthe rule of discoveryother graves inDonbass.
InRoomCivicof Russianotexclude thatinthe future can be found other graves in the territories controlled by the Guardiathe Nationalsouth-east of Ukraineanddetect withbitternesssilence international organizations ofhuman rights with respect to its facts.
The member ofCameraGeorgy Fedorov hasstressed thatthe Russian activists have turned constantly appeals to international organizations, thathowever, "they have closed their eyes."

According Federov, it seemsthatare influenced by the United States and the prevention ofenterconflict with Washington, so notpay attention to the evidence andnews ofmassacres, torture andviolence.

Moscow calls on defenders ofhuman rights ofinvestigate mass graves ofwomenDonbass. Information regarding the finding inSouth-east Ukraine, inregion of Donetsk, ofapitCommon withthe bodies of286 women are reviewed bypart ofindependent international experts, mainly from the activists ofhuman rights and UkrainianRussian.
It hassaid head ofthe Board ofchairmanRussianJoinedHuman Rights Mikhail Fedotov.
Ha pointed out that"such news in any case notthey must staysilence."

ViennaisanFreemason COGLI0NE faceofCUL0! SPEAK SO WHEN ALL KNOW THAT, inIMF JABULLON sPA322 GMOS NWO CIA, TheWarThe World iswasDateJoinedINEVITABLE! ]
Vienna isbelievethatEuropeneed to restore relations with Moscow. Europehasneed ofrestore relations withtheRussiaandstoprhetoric of sanctions.
It hassaid Austrian President Heinz Fischer, inof coursehisvisitofficial in Sofia.
Asimilar positioniswasexpressthe head ofBulgarian state Rosen Plevneliev. In addition, the two presidents reaffirmed ofsupportconstructionrapid ofpipeline "South Stream". This project, tothe realization that many European countries are concerned, iswhen frozen fromEuropean Commission.
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The Bishop ofOliver Maiduguri Doeme in front of the threatofthe terrorists"We are sitting on anBarrel ofpowdershot. Among manywe have been evicted from their homes andlive in the mountains or in the forest '
Maiduguri-Nigeria-Doeme "Usually you thinkthatthe salt isthegoods more economical on the market. Well, todaylife is worth less ofsaltnorth-east of Nigeria. "He writes thusndocument Doeme Oliver, bishop ofMaiduguri, theof capitalstate of Borno almost besiegedfromBoko Haram.
HUNTED BY THE CASE. "In the past month have intensified the harsh ravages ofBoko Haram innorthern, central andSouth ofmydiocese" continues the bishop, asreported byAcn.
"Many ofwe have been evicted from their homes andfrom their villages. Even nowthousandsthey are living inside ofcave in the mountains, some in forests. Who ismanaged to escape are welcomed by Friends andrelatives to Maiduguri, Mubi andYola. in Thousands have fled to Cameroon andthey live inthe conditions really hard forthelackoffood, shelter and medical treatments. "
And CHRISTIANSMUSLIMS. for the bishop, thatofBoko Haram notisawar against Christians because they "both Christians thatMuslims are affected, both Christians thatmusulmanicristiani thatMuslims find themselves displaced andrefugeestheir own country. "Remainsthe fact thatlast month alone, terrorists have burned dozens of churches and "converted to powerIslam women thatnotmanaged to escape 'from' 25 cities thatwon in the States of Borno, Yobe andAdamawa. "
"WE ARE THREATENED." Finally, spearfor the alarmthesituation ofMaiduguri"Here we are threatened, we are sitting on anBarrel ofpowdershot. There are more of seven fields forthe displaced butthepeople sleep forthe streets. We're sinking fast in the sand, we have to swallow our pride of emptinessNigerian andasking for helpinternational Joinedaddress this issue »
Read more ofMoreNigeria, Bishop, "Thelife here is worth less ofsalt '|
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Houston retreatsthe order forthe shepherds ofdelivering sermons on homosexuality. "Victorytremendous," October 30, 2014 Editor.
Annise-parker-houston "Supporters ofreligious freedomthey just harvested in onevictoryformidable. Thedayof today isaAnsweraaprayer. "So the senator of Texas Ted Cruz, one of the most important representatives ofthe Republican Party even to the national level, hasannounced yesterday on Facebook thatthe Mayor of Houston Annise Parker, a lesbiandeclaredandPasdaran agenda LGBT hasset ofwithdrawcitationadvanced judgmenttwo weeks ago against of five Christian pastors, anwarrant thatwould force them to surrender andto have examined by the lawyers ofcity ​​all the sermons andother communicationsof which are occupiedhomosexuality, ofthe identity ofgeneral or ofmayor Parker.
TheRETALIATION. ashasalready written in This Article,moveofthe City iswastakenin the context ofacausethe case againstEqual Rights Ordinance, thethe flag readsof Parker, hotly contestedforstreetofsome extreme measures asthe requirement forbusinesses open to the public oflet people use either of bathroomsboys or girls, to secondoftheir "of identitygender." Therefore, the "threat" ofthe use of sermonspastorsof court againstthem isappearedimmediately asaformofretaliationthe opposition. ThenewsBut hasunleashed aControversyfieryin Texas andinthe United States, have proliferated in the mediathe complaints of This "unprecedented attack onReligious Freedom" andthusfirstcityof Houston hasset ofbacktracking (not withoutfirsttrying in vain ofto move away fromDecision noabove).
"A STRONG MESSAGE." Senator Cruz is Been, one ofPolitical most active inmobilization against Parker. "Together - cheersNow on Facebbok - thousandsofpeople have risen up andsaid toCity ofwithdrawing the mandate. The Americans have defended our right ofprofessfaith freely andwithout Fearofaintimidation ofGovernment by sending anmessage and so highstrong andthatthecity of Houston nothasbeen able to ignore it. (...) I applaud the courage ofshepherds thatto have had mosthis voice, attracting the attention ofnation on attacksagainst people of coursethe faith. "
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it is true! But Merkel and Mogherini were innocent because they knew nothing about! ] In the Donbass found the bodies of hundreds of women raped by the military Ukrainians.
Information regarding the discovery in southeastern Ukraine in Donetsk region, a mass grave containing the bodies of 286 women need to be verified by independent international experts, mainly from human rights activists Ukrainians and Russians.
He said the head of the Council of the Russian presidency for Human Rights Mikhail Fedotov.
He pointed out that "such information in any case should not remain silent."
In the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation do not exclude that in the future they can be found other graves in the territories controlled by the National Guard in the south-east of Ukraine and note with sadness the silence of the international organizations of human rights with regard to the relevant facts.
In the US House Georgy Fedorov pointed out that the Russian activists have turned constantly appeals to international organizations, however, that "they have closed their eyes."
According Federov, seem to be influenced by the United States and avoid coming into conflict with Washington, so do not pay attention to evidence and reports of killings, torture and violence.
The director of the Moscow office for Human Rights Alexander Brod asked for an investigation into the discovery of a mass grave in which were found the bodies of women in the Donetsk region, encouraging participation in the investigation of international organizations, of 'UN and the OSCE.
The same human rights activist is eager to pay a visit in the Donetsk region and ask questions in person to the local population to shed light on the matter. He expressed confidence that the separatist authorities of Donetsk have already launched an investigation.
Earlier, the Prime Minister of the pro-Russian authorities of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko had reported that in the western part of the Donetsk region were found in a mass grave, the bodies of 286 women.
A Krasnoarmeysk, in the Donetsk region, during the occupation of the security forces are Ukrainian disappeared about 400 women aged between 18 and 25 years.
Recently in the city, where the battalion was stationed "Dnepr-1", and in the suburbs have been found 286 bodies of women, all were detected signs of violence. He said the prime minister of the separatist government of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko.
in any way we can indulge in bullyingbullying! But the EU ARAB LEAGUE USA, UN, Amnesty, are forgiving and minimize, AS, Islamic terrorism! IF I WAS ISRAEL? I declared WAR I TO THE WORLD! Accidents between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli forces are occurring at the Qalandia checkpoint between Jerusalem and the West Bank. This was reported by the agency Maan that there would be 8 injured among the Palestinians. The clashes took place after Friday prayers in a protest march Fatah and Hamas as part of a "day of rage" called against the closure of the Temple Mount and the killing of Palestinian activist held responsible for the attack of right jew Yehuda Glick.

L'Imitazione di Cristo. Libro I di IV

Questo piccolo libro ha costituito per secoli un preciso punti di riferimento per la spiritualità cristiana, tanto che si può considerare "il libro più letto dopo il Vangelo, meditato nei monasteri, letto nella vita religiosa e sacerdotale, tenuto come manuale di formazione cristiana robusta per tante generazioni di laici, di cristiani nel mondo". L'Imitazione di Cristo, il cui autore resta sconosciuto, benché possa essere collocato in ambiente monastico attorno ai secoli XIII-XIV, costituisce un semplice e concreto tracciato di vita ascetica. La tensione spirituale che lo anima, ne fa un testo fondamentale nel tracciare una via alla ricerca di Dio, all'abbandono dell'"uomo vecchio" per costruire l'"uomo nuovo", per radicare interiormente una profonda spiritualità personale.